Hey there - I’m Rachelle.

I’m glad you’re here and looking at how I can support you to scale your business and get the time and freedom you’ve been missing. I understand what a big step it is to realise that you need that support in your business and to reach out for help. I also realise that the “know, like and trust’ factor plays a big role in deciding who you want to work with. So let me tell you a bit about myself and my business.


The most important thing to know about me is that I’m a mum to 6 gorgeous kids. My first 5 were all born within 7 years of each other and then we had the unexpected joy of our 6th little baby 12 years after number 5. It was the birth of my youngest that gave me a moment of clarity around where I could see my career heading.

I’ve always been passionate about empowering women, particularly in driving success in their businesses. I’d spent 22 years in the corporate world working in business management, quality assurance, compliance and systems coordination; but I began to think about how I could better use those skills to align with my passion of working with female entrepreneurs; and so was the birth of Moss Administration.

I’ve come to realise that one of the fastest ways to great success in business is having great processes, systems and workflows underpin it. I’ve also come to realise that this is often an area that a lot of businesswomen haven’t implemented, for various reasons. These realisations meshed together in a total ‘aha’ moment for me. This is where I would operate, this is how I would empower and support women in scaling their businesses.

I love processes, systems and workflows, and I love working with women to strategise and implement and automate them.

One of the main reasons I love working with creatives is that their reason for getting into business is usually so clear. They’re passionate about their craft and very good at it. They love what they do so much that they decided to create a business from it and share their talents and gifts with others.

Sometimes though the business management pulls them away from their passion, and keeps them up at night. They find that more and more often they are spending time working on the management of their business and not getting a chance to be creative and to ‘create’.

Does this sound like you?

I’ve been able to help many amazing creative female entrepreneurs regain the time they needed to be creative again. As your Online Business Manager, I’m there to be your second set of eyes, second pair of hands, looking after the day-to-day operations, strategy and planning of your business so you can focus on doing the thing you’re passionate about; so you can focus on being creative.

Ready to start working together?

Know you need some help, but not sure with what? Let’s have a virtual coffee and work out what is going to help you scale your business this year and get you back to doing what you love.

Rachelle is Amazing

Rachelle is AMAZING. She did a phenomenal job at completely recreating an 11 page document that I had formatting issues with which she not only was able to get it precisely as I needed but she also improved it to look even better than the original. She is easy to work with, great communication, and very understanding when it comes to her client’s needs. Quick turnaround time which is fantastic! I highly recommend her!

Madelyn Galvez
Owner, Women’s Global Virtual Assistant.

I would recommend Rachelle to any organisation

Rachelle successfully maintained our organisations quality assurance systems and compliance for many years. Her eye for detail is amazing and knowledge on developing policies and procedures is at the highest level. I would recommend Rachelle to any organisation.

David Wallis
Business Consultant

Rachelle was an absolute LIFESAVER

I came to her with a PDF that needed some much-needed work and a tight deadline and she was able to turn it over within 24 hours and make requested changes on the spot.
I’d recommend her to anyone who needs help in their business. I will definitely be utilising her skills in the future and referring her to clients.

Thanks so much Rachelle xxx
Tammy Gray
Owner, Pacific Virtual Support Services

I will be using her again in the future.

I would recommend Rachelle to anyone in need of a quick turn around and attention to detail. She gave me a wonderful audit on my onboarding process that I had been working on for sometime. Her suggestions and corrections were spot on and I will be using her again in the future.

Delescia Kimbrough
Owner, Infinite Assistance

Rachelle is Fantastic!

I needed an InDesign Ebook Template for my e-course and Rachelle took the example I provided and worked absolute wonders. The end result is exactly what I wanted – beautiful, functional and using the elements that I wanted to see. The quality and speed with which the template was done amazed me and I will definitely be keeping Rachelle in mind for any future work I might have!

Lesia Joukova
Owner, Lesia Joukova Creative

I would definitely recommend Rachelle

I needed a graphic for my Dubsado portal design. I tried doing it myself, but quickly realized I needed someone to do it for me. I thought the dimensions were difficult to design. Rachelle took over this project for me and it was such a life saver! She asked great questions regarding the design. She had a very quick turnaround and it turned out beautifully! I absolutely love it. I would definitely recommend Rachelle for similar services.

Amanda Walls
Virtual Assistant, Project Manager, Email Manager, Amanda Leigh

I would highly recommend Rachelle's services

I needed assistance with a contract being drafted but was not clear on what I needed it to include. Rachelle not only provided me with clarity and directions but included content that I would not have guessed to include but so grateful that she did. She was so efficient and prompt that the 18 hour time difference did not matter. She stayed in constant contact with me before, during, and after the work was completed. I would highly recommend her service.

Joh’Quala Johnson
Owner, Advanced Virtual Staffing

Rachelle was an absolute delight to work with

Rachelle was an absolute delight to talk to and work with, her turn around was fast and she kept me abreast every step of the way on the project she tackled for me. She addressed my concerns immediately and provided excellent service. She saved me a lot of time and effort and her eye for design was just what I needed to get the job done. I would gladly work with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

Chantelle T. Beck
Owner, Heveca

Rachelle's attention to detail is without question

I found Rachelle to be very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. She listened to what I wanted her to do for me and completed the tasks skilfully and in a timely manner. Her attention to detail is without question and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a competent VA.

Sue Kelly
Consultant, Target Quality

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