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Virtual assistants are professionals who provide support to other businesses remotely, usually from the comfort of their own homes. The tasks VA’s can complete is a varied as the VAs themselves. I focus my service delivery on generalist administration services, social media marketing and quality assurance support for entrepreneurs, online and small businesses.


First and foremost, I’m a mum to 6 gorgeous kids. My first 5 were all born within 7 years of each other and then we had the unexpected joy of our 6th little baby 12 years after number 5. I am also a business professional and I have built a great skillset over the 22 years my career has spanned to date. I want to be available for my kids, but I want to continue to build on my career – the Mumpreneur life is perfect for me!

Work from Home

As with the majority of Virtual Assistants, I work from home.  It provides me the flexibility to work during my most productive times, implement workflows that meet the needs of my business and clients. I am able to control distractions much more effectively and it provides me with the best work/life balance. Working from home doesn’t suit everyone – many find it to be lonely and isolating without co-workers, also finding it harder to shut-down when your work premises and your home are one and the same – but I thrive on it – I love it!


Reduce your business expenses

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can save you tens of thousands each year in business expenses. How? Since Virtual Assistants are contractors the overheads associated with employees are not incurred. You don’t pay leave entitlements, workers compensation, superannuation, payroll expenses. The resources associated with employees are also not required – you don’t need to provide an office, desk, office chair, computer, printer. These all add up to a massive cost saving.

Increase business productivity

Unlike employees, who are paid for the time they are at work, Virtual Assistant’s are paid for the time on task. To be profitable, a virtual assistant needs to be productive and use every minute of the time allocated to a task, on that task. Employees have periods of time during the day that they are not working productively, but Virtual Assistant’s only charge for the time they are actually completing tasks.

Increase flexibility

Many Virtual Assistant’s have made the move to working for themselves to gain some flexibility and the ability to manage their time how they see fit. This can be of benefit to the company that hires them too. While employees are employed to work between set hours each day or week, a virtual assistant can typically be contracted for more flexible hours. As virtual assistant’s work remotely, they can support clients world wide, and in many different timezones. This timezone difference will often be of great benefit to the contracting company as it allows them to provide customer support over a greater span of hours (24/7).




Moss Administration can provide assistance in a many areas of office and business administration. The area of administration is vast and difficult to document every aspect of support that can be provided. If you require an administrative service that is not listed on my services page, contact me to discuss if it can be included in your individualised package.


Keeping your finger on the pulse of your business systems and processes is a big job, but it is vital to the success of your business. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from implementing workflows and robust systems coordination. I specialise in systems coordination and can help you get all the information you have in your head about the systems of your business out and implemented into effective and repeatable workflows and processes. 


An online presence is essential in today’s market and that presence can not just be your webpage. Social media opens the doors to greater business growth and brand recognition. Did you know that 50 million small businesses use Facebook pages to connect with their customers, or that 1 in 3 internet users access a company’s social media feeds to get more information about their brand or products? Social media is powerful – but it can be difficult to keep up to date so that it is meeting its purpose. Moss Administration can assist you with this area.

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