2018 New Years Resolution – Hire a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Anew year is like a clean slate – there is a sense of freshness, where the struggles of last year are forgotten; where you grab hold of an “I can do anything I put my mind to” attitude. You are enamoured with possibility. Whatever stood in the way of complete success with your business last year won’t be a problem in the newness of the coming year. You will do it all, you can be all things to everyone – You. Will. Succeed! Right?
In In reality, though, the new year feeling only last as long as it takes to walk through the door of your office and see the mountain of work last year left in its wake. Has anything changed just because the clock struck midnight on December 31st? You can almost see possibility falling to the ground and shattering around you. It’s too much – you can’t do it all, and you can’t be all things to everyone. In reality, why will this year be any different to the last?

Well, Happy New Year, I have the answer to your business woes! This year can be different because a virtual assistant can take on those business tasks that have you sweating the small stuff.

Photograph by Carlos Dominguez via Unsplash

So, what's a Virtual Assistant?

Think about all of those tasks that have got you missing the forest for the trees – the administration, social media and website maintenance, quality and compliance, and data entry tasks that have you taking your eye off the goals of your business. Now think about hiring people to complete those jobs for you. Potentially you could be looking at 2 or 3 people to onboard and resource for them. For some, this might be an exciting prospect – larger staff base, higher payroll budget, more HR contingencies needed – but for the majority of entrepreneurs and small business owners, the thought of the hiring process can send a little shudder down your spine. Now picture being able to have one person do those jobs for you – a professional with the skillset and experience to look after it all. Imagine not needing to allocate office space for them, resource them with a desk, chair, computer, stationary; imagine not needing to monitor them for daily productivity and efficiency – that’s a virtual assistant.
“Now picture being able to have one person do those jobs for you – a professional with the skillset and experience to look after it all.”
A virtual assistant will have multiple clients in various locations and typically operate from their own homes. They have vast and varied skillsets, some offering a generalist service with others servicing a niche area (quality, PR, marketing). They are service providers and can be contracted to work a set number of hours each day, each week or for a predetermined length of time – whatever works for your business.
So that’s the secret of keeping that feeling of possibility well into the new year, of seeing the success in your business that was just out of reach last year – it’s your new year’s resolution – HIRE A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT.