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Do you need support with business management, analysis or your processes, systems and operations, project management or human resources management?

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Are you ready to start automating your processes, designing foolproof workflows and implementing effective integrations within your business technology?
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If you’re a female entrepreneur or creative who is spending all of your time working on your business instead of in your business then you’re in the right place. I bet you’ve got some huge goals and Everest sized ideas for your business but don’t have the capacity to implement them. If you’re here you’ve probably realised that you don’t have to do this alone, that a second pair of hands and set of eyes in your business could make all the difference. You’re completely right! Working with an Online Business Manager will change the game for you.

Scale your business

Regain the drive and passion you had for business when you first started

Find time and freedom

Get back to doing what you love

Business Management & Automation

Business Management

Business Processes, Systems and Operations Analysis

Process Automation and Workflow Design

Integration Implementation

Project Management

Human Resources Management


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Flyers, brochures, posters

Email Marketing including Welcome and Nurture Series setup

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Website Design

Website Maintenance

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What is an Online Business Manager?

You may be wondering what the difference is between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant. You may even be thinking that there is no difference between the two. The roles of an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant are both important in assisting a business through its day to day runnings, but their support is very different.

What does an Online Business Manager do?
While a Virtual Assistant operates as a support assistant, an Online Business Manager will take over the daily operations of a business to free the business owner up to concentrate on other aspects. An Online Business Manager tends to areas of project management, human resources management, business analysis and operations management.
How an OBM will help you in your business?
As a business owner it is extremely difficult to juggle all of the responsibilities that come with running a successful and profitable business. It’s necessary to work on the strategy of your business as well as the revenue-raising operational aspects. The balance of working in your business versus working on your business can be challenging and this is where an OBM can be of significant assistance. An OBM can focus on the project, staff management (often including VA’s), work alongside the business owner in areas of strategy, and manage client processes to attract more business, raising revenue and increasing scale.
How does an OBM differ from an employee?
OBM’s are independent contractors and not employees of your business. It’s important to think of your OBM as a partner in your business success; your OBM will work alongside you and feel the day-to-day pains and successes of your business; they will feel a level of commitment and responsibility to your business that will set them apart from other contractors.
How does an OBM differ from a VA?
Virtual Assistants are the work horses and implementers of a business. They are task based and their responsibility typically only extends to the task they’ve been designated. They operate with little control over what occurs in a workflow or what the business priorities area.

An Online Business Manager is a strategiser, looking at the big picture of the business, determining (alongside the business owner) what has to be done, how it is going to be done and who is going to do it. OBM’s are often responsible for team management, sometimes managing a team of VA’s.

Do I need an Online Business Manager?
If your business has scaled as far as possible with only you at the helm, or if you feel that you are being pulled away from the aspects of your business that you’re passionate about (usually the thing that got you there in the first place) you should consider an Online Business Manager. An OBM is a game changer and the addition of one to your business will make all the difference.

About Me

The most important thing to know about me is that I’m a mum to 6 gorgeous kids. My first 5 were all born within 7 years of each other and then we had the unexpected joy of our 6th little baby 12 years after number 5. It was the birth of my youngest that gave me a moment of clarity around where I could see my career heading.

I’ve always been passionate about empowering women, particularly in driving success in their businesses. I’d spent 22 years in the corporate world working in business management, quality assurance, compliance and systems coordination; but I began to think about how I could better use those skills to align with my passion of working with female entrepreneurs; and so was the birth of Moss Administration.


“Rachelle is fantastic! I needed an InDesign Ebook Template for my e-course and Rachelle took the example I provided and worked absolute wonders. The end result is exactly what I wanted – beautiful, functional and using the elements that I wanted to see. The quality and speed with which the template was done amazed me and I will definitely be keeping Rachelle in mind for any future work I might have!” Lesia Joukova

Owner, Lesia Joukova Creative

“Rachelle is AMAZING. She did a phenomenal job at completely recreating an 11 page document that I had formatting issues with which she not only was able to get it precisely as I needed but she also improved it to look even better than the original. She is easy to work with, great communication, and very understanding when it comes to her client’s needs. Quick turnaround time which is fantastic! I highly recommend her!.” Madelyn Galvez

Owner, Women's Global Virtual Assistant

“Rachelle was an absolute delight to talk to and work with, her turn around was fast and she kept me abreast every step of the way on the project she tackled for me. She addressed my concerns immediately and provided excellent service. She saved me a lot of time and effort and her eye for design was just what I needed to get the job done. I would gladly work with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.” Chantelle T. Beck

Owner, Heveca

Business Automation Resources

Winning with Trello

When it comes to strategic, operational, project and collaboration management tools you can’t go past Trello. So – you’re ready to get some Trello into your life, but not sure where to start? You can access the 3 boards which are crucial to the success of my business by simply subscribing below.

Automation Strategy Session

Are you ready to get serious about automating your business? Let’s spend one hour together and strategise the heck out of your business processes and systems, and build an automation framework that you can implement.

Guide to Automating Your Business

This guide is a wrap up of my top six tools for automating your business and finding a level of freedom in your business you didn’t even know you were missing.

Find New Business Freedom. Set Your Goals. Scale Your Business.

Ready to skip through all the preamble and get straight to work scaling your business this year? Together we will get it running like a well-oiled machine, find you the time and freedom to focus on what you’re passionate about and smash the goals you’ve set for yourself this year.

My tailored approach will consider where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, the support you need right now and in the future, and what your goals are, short-term and long-term.

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